Sunday, July 12, 2009

Skate Cat Shreds a Pool

The first of many Skate Cat animations!

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  1. Nice! Would you describe your process?

  2. absolutely! i first started drawing skate cat on my school work whenever i could. i kept at that for a while, and then i got a drawing pad. i learned of electric pen palet and purchased one as soon as i could. then i downloaded a free animation software called Pencil. doing this animation (and my ones to come), i started with making a background. i then made a bitmap layer and made a quick stickfigure skatecat animation to get a feel for where hes going. then, i made a vector layer for the final image. Pencil makes vectors into shapes, so you can zoom, resize, and color anything more easily. this is actually my first animation in general. i hope to keep working on this for a long, long time.

  3. also mc, is there a way that i can contact you through e-mail? i have some questions about where to upload pictures/animations so they dont get fuzzy, and comic questions like that.


  4. Good stuff, would love to see more!