Friday, May 20, 2011


Hey dudes, finally got all my comics and stickers, and they are now for sale!

Each 48 page zine-sized comic book comes with two stickers and are $10 each plus shipping! Email me at if you'd like one or a few! For buyers in bulk and retailers, we could work out a discount depending on how many you buy.


  1. hey Eric this is Harrison I went to rampcamp at rye airfield and watched u skate the vert ramp... i saw the website for skate cat on the package thing came on to the blog and just wanted to say hi.. lol

  2. oh and not the chubby Harrison the skinnier one that wasnt to great at skating

  3. Eric,
    It was a great pleasure to meet you at FDR.
    This is Jeremy checking in. ;)
    Dig yer style! Keep the feelings real & you'll go far above & below the coping.

    I've been working hard since Philly.
    Putting in 12hr days in Baltimore, MD.
    I'll send ya some photos of our mini that we're almost done building.
    Gonna ply it this weekend.
    So stoked to have a chance to sk8 regularly again!

    Check ya next week.
    Peace & thanx for sharing everything ;)

  4. Hey Jeremy, it's great to hear from you! Thats rad you're building a ramp dude, i can't wait to see pictures! also, is there a site for the company your wife works at? I hope we skate again in the future!

  5. Oh yeah! Said the Kool Laid Man.
    The site is:
    Tell Chrissie that Jeremy sent ya!